The workplace challenge

Property Managers want to keep office costs down. Facilities Managers are expected to provide a healthy, productive and efficient working environment. Office users need to work somewhere that is healthy, suitable and available when they need it.

These conflicting demands often lead to compromise.

Integration - a fresh approach

Until now you have needed separate systems for room booking, utilisation measurement, workplace auditing, environmental monitoring and wayfinding.

Workplace Manager challenges this piecemeal and dated approach by bringing together all the components you need to manage a modern workplace.  Workplace Manager is intuitive and easy-to-use by business managers, facility and building managers and workplace users.

The Workplace Manager solution

Our solution helps Property and Facilities Managers control costs while providing an excellent and productive working environment for occupants.

Users can use their mobiles or smart screens to find and book vacant workplaces, locate colleagues and enjoy healthy working.

Low cost deployment

The financial benefits of effective workplace management can be substantial and our competitors seem to exploit this by charging sky-high prices for their products and services.

Workplace Manager has been designed from the ground-up around low-cost technologies - cloud computing, IoT sensors, display screens and mobile apps.  We can bring all the benefits of good workplace management without breaking your budget.

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