The post-Covid office

... smart, healthy, flexible, safe and probably smaller

Whilst working at home does not suit everyone, greater flexibility in where, when and how we do our work appeals to most of us.

Some employers have embraced fully working from home and no longer have offices.  Most though are looking at hybrid solutions, with employees working wherever is most effective – office, home, co-working space, traveling, etc.

The post-pandemic office will be technology-rich, more flexible, demonstrably healthy and safe, and probably smaller.  Gone will be personal workstations and rows of close-packed desks.  A mix of hot-desks, study cells, project areas, meeting rooms and social spaces will become the norm, with those spending a day in the office moving between them as appropriate.

Workplace Manager

Workplace Manager is a cloud service that helps an employer create and manage a safe, flexible and efficient office for the post-pandemic era.

  • Environmental monitoring of temperature, humidity, CO2, pollutants, noise and light levels
  • Workplace booking, checking in and out and on-demand cleaning
  • Real-time occupancy and utilisation monitoring of individual workplaces and location of individuals.

A typical installation includes a user mobile app, wireless environmental and occupancy sensors, large lobby screens, meeting room displays and one or more admin consoles. An implementation can range from a single small office through to multiple offices in multiple international locations.


Office users can book hot-desks, study cells, communications booths, meeting rooms or other workplaces before or while they travel. Bookings can be changed, no-shows, late arrivals and early departures are recorded, and cleaners can be summoned immediately after each usage.

Occupancy of each workplace is monitored in real-time and employees can be located. Comprehensive statistics help employers optimise workplace provision and policies.

Environmental monitoring around each workplace or cluster gives employees confidence that the office is healthy and safe. It also guides employers to improvements needed in air quality, sound proofing and light levels.


Being cloud-based, Workplace Manager requires no complex IT installation. Office layout plans are uploaded from the admin console and users download the free mobile app from the Apple or Google store.

Sensors operate for at least 2 years before batteries need changing. The sensor hub requires an Internet connection, the lobby displays can be domestic smart TVs and meeting room screens are low-cost Android tablets.

Clients buy the hardware, pay a set-up fee and are charged monthly based on number of workplaces and scope of services.

Contact us to discuss pricing and arrange a no-obligation free trial for 30 days.

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Jamie's story

“Every day I used to drive to the station, found a seat on the train if I was lucky, transferred to a packed underground and arrived at the office 90 minutes after leaving home.  I spent much of the day at my desk in front of a computer and then reversed the process.  I was away from home for 12 hours and spent a small fortune on a second car, parking, fares and living in the suburbs.”

“During the pandemic I have worked from home, managing to have breakfast with the children and sometimes taking them to school.  I am fortunate to have a spare room for work and my employer has bought me a large screen and adjustable chair to go with the laptop and mobile phone.  My working day is a mixture of concentrated work, phone calls, online meetings and social time with colleagues.  I usually manage a run at lunchtime and spend coffee breaks with my partner, who is also working from home.”

“I look forward to spending time face-to-face with my colleagues again, but the pandemic has shown that most of my actual work can be done from anywhere.  Ideally I would go back to working in the office a couple of days each week.  I am though wary of traveling on crowded trains and working closely with others in the office.  I want to be sure that a day in the office is safe.”

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