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Free tools

... interactive benchmarks and calculators

We have developed some free tools that allow you to benchmark your working environment and culture, see how much money you might be wasting on offices and decide how to deal with your legacy of paper files.

There is also available a free sample of one of our online learning modules.

The Workplace Index - are your infrastructure and culture in step?

By answering a few simple questions about the way your organisation works, "The Workplace Index" benchmarks the way you work in two dimensions:

How modern is your infrastructure: working environments, technology, policies, etc.?
How much does your culture enable and encourage innovation?

Improvements to infrastructure and culture need to go hand-in-hand to deliver results.  All too often employers spend heavily on buildings and technology but then fail to transform management culture, attitudes and working practices.

Organisations that are working smartly end up in the top-right corner of our grid, with good, modern infrastructure and a culture that supports innovation.

Launch The Workplace Index

Office Cost Calculator - are you spending too much on space?

The Office Cost Calculator asks questions about your organisation size, structure, activities, location, and office and prepares a report showing:

  • How much space you could save by moving towards Total Smart Working
  • How these space savings translate into financial savings

For comparison, four working models are shown:

  1. Traditional offices and working practices
  2. Modern office design but traditional working practices
  3. Modern office design with hot-desking
  4. "Total Smart Working" - technology and culture change to go beyond option C.

Many organisations target model C and miss out on the further savings and performance improvements of model D.

Paper Cost Calculator - exposing the cost of storing paper?

Paper tends to accumulate in offices, taking up valuable space, compromising information management and security and restricting flexibility and how and where people work.  In many organisations much of this paper is rarely consulted but is retained either for legal reasons or because nobody has invested time in sorting it out.

Apart from the office, there are three places where this paper can be kept, assuming it can't simply be destroyed: 1) in a basement or similar storage facility, 2) in a managed off-site facility or 3) electronically scanned, with the originals then destroyed.

This free tool asks some questions about your paper storage, your location and type of building and works out the relative costs of the different types of storage.

The results are often surprising!


These free tools are "light" versions taken from Workplace Manager from HOP Associates.  They help give a rapid indication of what can be achieved through Total Smart Working but should not be relied upon for business decisions.

 All information is presented in good faith and we cannot accept responsibility for any errors or omissions. (c) Copyright HOP Associates 
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