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... for workplace management and innovation

Workplace Manager from HOP Associates allows an organisation to optimise its working environments, practices and processes and deliver with confidence substantial and sustainable cost savings, productivity gains and other business improvements.

It is available as a managed service from HOP Associates, as a self-service online toolkit or as a "white label" service for delivery by third parties.

Smart Working

Technology is allowing organisations and their people to work smartly: away from the office, anywhere / any time, paper-free operations, online collaboration and so on. The benefits of getting this right can be huge; failure to innovate can spell disaster.

Decisions based on evidence

The box on the right lists many of the areas where data can be collected and analysed to help an organisation take the right decisions on workplace, technology, business processes, working practices, management methods and culture.

Workplace Manager

Using a combination of online consultation, handheld tablet computers, automated measurement, importing from existing sources and cloud-based analysis and presentation, Workplace Manager collects, analyses, benchmarks, interprets, recommends and manages.

  • Office occupancy and utilisation
  • Personal and team storage
  • Air quality and temperature
  • Employee and manager views, attitudes and ideas
  • Working environment
  • Technology and business processes
  • Attendance
  • Business travel and travel-to-work
  • Room bookings
  • Security and call logs
  • Timesheets
  • etc.

What can be achieved?

Leading organisations that have adopted Smart Working have been able to increase productivity, reduce office, technology and travel costs, improve service levels, raise employee morale and make a positive impact on the environment. More information is in our white paper, which can be downloaded opposite.

About this website

This site describes the components of Workplace Manager in more detail, shows some examples, links to our free tools and includes a one-off audit cost calculator. It is aimed at corporate end-users, outsourced service providers and potential business partners.

The figures below are taken from actual Workplace Manager clients.

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