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Workplace Manager pricing

Pricing depends on the number of workplaces, number of employees, services required and other factors.

The following calculator estimates the cost of a one-off audit.  Please enter the information requested.  Numbers need not be exact.


The calculator provides an estimate of the cost of a one-off audit, based on the numbers of workplaces, employees and managers, the complexity of the building and the main options

Following a review with the client, a fixed-price quotation is provided, inclusive of travel and any other costs.

Please note - if you wish to audit more than one building you should run the calculator for each building.

POA: please contact us if you require a price for an audit outside Western Europe.

Disclaimer: this estimate is provided to help with budgeting and business justification.  Special factors may lead to our final quoted price being lower or higher.

 All information is presented in good faith and we cannot accept responsibility for any errors or omissions. (c) Copyright HOP Associates 
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