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The Workplace Manager team

... professional, experienced and committed to excellence


The mission of HOP Associates - creator of Workplace Manager - is to help its clients improve their business performance through working environment, technology, business processes and working culture.

The Workplace Manager team complements the online software with consulting, design, project management and research expertise.

Our people

Workplace Manager people include:

  Dr Bob Crichton - Founder and Managing Director of HOP Associates.  Bob has worked in senior technology roles across a number of industries, including a period as IT Director of a UK plc.  He believes employers generally fail to get the most out of their technology investments by transforming the ways they work and founded HOP Associates in 1991 to bridge this gap.  He created Workplace Manager and led its development.
  Steve Crabbe - Managing Director of CMI Workplace, our office design partner.  Steve’s design expertise is focused on creating space efficient working environments that drive organisational performance by being space efficient, creative, practical and dynamic. His in-depth knowledge is built working on transformation projects for a wide range of corporate and public sector clients.  See www.cmiworkplace.co.uk for more details.
  Andy Lake - Editor of Flexibility.co.uk, our research and learning partner. Andy has edited Flexibility since 1994 and is author of the recent book "Smart Flexibility: theory to practice".  He specialises in using Workplace Managert to build the evidence base for change, manager and employee training, benchmarking, and developing organisational policies for smarter working. See www.flexibility.co.uk for extensive resources for smarter working and for information on the book and other publications.
  Caroline Oldham - Smart working specialist, with a background in social work and care service inspection.  Caroline led the UK public sector's largest project to home-base professional staff at Ofsted and has also led a number of Workplace Manager deployments, where her focus is particularly on the people and change management aspects - employee consultation and manager interviewing.  She also advises on home working.

As well as delivering Workplace Manager, each member of our professional team works as a specialist consultant, often helping a client implement the recommendations from an audit.

Practising what we preach

We operate a "virtual office" with employees and associates working from home, client offices and other locations but fully connected with online systems, VOIP telephony and video conferencing.

For the delivery of our online services we run a dedicated network of servers located in a secure "vault" and connected directly to the internet backbone. All data is backed up automatically every hour.

Working with clients

We are motivated by the benefits we can help our clients deliver and are happy to work alongside internal teams and other business partners.

As well as delivering business outcomes, we also aim to transfer to our clients knowledge, understanding and skills.

 All information is presented in good faith and we cannot accept responsibility for any errors or omissions. (c) Copyright HOP Associates 
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